Hollow Metal Doors and Frames

Our doors are a maximum quality product of seamless face construction, 1 3/4” thick. Made of galvanized, bonderized, or stainless steel sheets of 16 18 or 20 gauge. Doors have continuous, vertical, positive mechanical interlocking joints at lock and hinge edges. Door edges are beveled. Continuous flush channels extending the full width of the door are spot welded to each face at top and bottom. Doors are mortised, drilled and tapped at the factory from templates for all mortised hardware. Special galvanized channel type hinge reinforcement offering extreme resistance to bending is a TAMCOR exclusive feature.

Doors are also provided with special integral lock face reinforcement with latch guide. Frames are made in a variety of types and sizes to meet all architectural requirements, both in door swing and operations, as well as wall conditions. Frames are fabricated of 14, 16 and 18 gauge galvanized bonderized, or stainless steel. Frames are notched and mittered at both jambs and head to provide a unique interlocking corner reinforced with corner clips. Specially stiffened hinge reinforcement of steel are provided at all hinge cutouts. Either fixed or adjustable floor knees are provided at all frames. Stick-on type rubber silencers may also be provided for each frame. Fire rated frames for a wide variety of framed openings with U.L. Label are available.


All TAMCOR metal doors and frames are manufactured to meet pre-established performance requirements and controlled by manufacturing producers which insure uniform high quality. All products are made to conform and exceed standards such as those published by S.D.I. 100 and others.

Interlocking Frames

Tamcor unique interlock system assures precision fit and strong rigidity. Miters are clean and attractive. Frame is stable and strong. It is easy to assemble and install. Door opening can be framed in minutes and it assures significant savings in time and labor . UNDERWRITERS LABORATORIES approved labeled fire rated frames are available with hospital stops, factory lead lining, adjustable floor knees and stainless steel spats. Frames are fabricated from galvanized or stainless steel exclusively.

Tamcor frames are fabricated knockdown unless otherwise indicated. Assembled frames with spreaders at sill and assembled frames with invisible seamless joints and spreaders at sill are available.

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